After a few weeks of attending  Cubs, or Scouts , we will invest new members. For this they will need to get their appropriate section uniform, which is available from the Scout Shop or Buxton & Bonnett (Lichfield) or Stafford Outdoor Leisure.

Uniform for Beavers & Cubs consists of a section polo shirt and sweatshirt (approx £23 for both).

Our group wear a Red and Green neckerchief which is available to purchase directly from the Group for £5.00.  All Beavers are presented with a woggle when they are invested.

Although scout trousers are formally part of scout uniform, Stramshall typically wear black ‘school trousers’ as scout trousers are typically grown out of before they are worn out.

For details of where badges should be placed on the uniform, please see the individual section pages for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.